BURMA CHRONICLES reviewed by Time Out New York

...but I wouldn't want to live there.

Time Out New York    |    Evan Narcisse    |    December 22, 2008

Canadian Guy Delisle would have you believe that, despite all its political turmoil and persistent paranoia, Burma (or, as the current repressive regime calls it, Myanmar) proves to be a fascinating if existentially elusive place. His memoiristic Burma Chronicles (Drawn & Quarterly, $19.95) shows how the military dictatorship’s quirky thought control trickles down to citizens of every social stratum and to foreigners like himself. The cartoonist encounters magazines with “offending” articles cut out, ironclad e-mail filters gone rusty and protesters with water balloons. With a simple yet memorable style, Delisle captures the country’s faulty infrastructure—and its fusion of contradictory realities—with a mix of amazement and horror, ultimately realizing that when disinformation becomes routine, the only trustworthy way to navigate through the everyday is with hearsay and rumor.

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