The Burlington Free Press discusses MARKET DAY

Book note: 'Market Day' explores timely themes

The Burlington Free Press    |    Modisane Kwanza    |    April 6, 2010

The setting is Old World Europe, but the themes are timeless and topical in cartoonist James Sturm’s new graphic novel.

Rug-maker Mendleman is forced to confront his place in a new economy, one that seems to favor cheaply manufactured merchandise over his hand made, well-crafted product.

Not only has his livelihood been threatened, the rugs also define Mendleman making the struggle that much more personal.

Already on edge as an expectant father, Mendleman arrives at the market to find a significant change. The frayed edges of his existence really start to un ravel after another stunning revelation. We follow Mendleman on his introspective journey as he questions his approach as a craftsman, and his roles as a father and husband.

Why does the artist create? How much can one day change an entire life? In what or who should we place our faith? These questions all arise on one trip to the market.

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