Booklist’s Francisca Goldsmith on Make Me a Woman

Make Me a Woman.

Booklist    |    Francisca Goldsmith    |    February 8, 2011

Womanhood is about femininity, but it’s just as much about maturity and marking cultural passages with formal and informal rituals. By collecting years of earlier story arcs and sketch pages in this volume, Davis offers readers access to all the ways in which she has addressed the goal of making herself a woman and being seen as a woman. The lushness and diversity of page types—many full color, talkative snippets that extend across dozens of panels; some black-and-white single-panel cartoons; and others employing the busy but expressive nonlinear relational perspective Lynda Barry has honed—echo the varied story elements, which include Davis’ Bat Mitzvah, changes in girlhood friendships, dealing with parental pressure (and lack of thereof), dating, moving, and changing careers. While the volume can be read front to back as a memoir, each piece stands independently and as such may be attractive to different audiences.

Good browsing for Davis’ cultural peers, their younger sisters, and their parents as well as any readers interested in the complexity of contemporary womanhood.

— Francisca Goldsmith

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