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Booklist reviews White Cube

White Cube

Booklist    |    Gordon Flagg    |    August 5, 2014

Belgian artist Vandenbroucke juxtaposes high and low art in this collection of wordless comic strips: high art in the museums and galleries in which they’re set, and low art not just in the use of the comics medium but also in the slapstick antics of the protagonists, a pair of mute, crimson-faced twins. As the duo views a succession of masterpieces, they react in a fashion that’s humorously appropriate but often transgressively destructive: They give Guernica a fresh coat of paint and break out in Ben-Day measles after an encounter with a Lichtenstein. Tackling conceptual and performance art, they use a chainsaw to apply Gordon Matta- Clark’s building cuts to an entire city and lose a staring contest with Marina Abramovi. Vandenbroucke’s colorfully painted strips burst the pretentiousness of the art world without disrespecting the works’ validity. The audience for this might be limited—it’s likely most comics fans aren’t also devotees of Matta-Clark and Abramovi—but the handful who are in on all the gags ought to relish it.

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