Book Culture: Miriam Katin’s “voice and perspective like none other found in the medium”

March : Mysteries, the Middle East, and Miriam Katin

Book Culture    |    Book Culture    |    March 3, 2013

(...) Miriam Katin discusses her book Letting it Go on March 21st at 7pm. A Holocaust survivor and mother, Katin’s world is turned upside down by the news that her adult son is moving to Berlin, a city she’s villainized for the past forty years. Miriam Katin’s storytelling and artistic skills in Letting it Go allow her to explore a voice and perspective like no other found in the medium. Mariam Katin was born in Hungary during WWII. She immigrated to Israel in 1957, where she served in the Israel Defense Forces as a graphic artist. She worked as a background designer for Ein Gedi Films in Israel as well as MTV Animation, and Disney Studios. (...)

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