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Paste Magazine    |    HILLARY BROWN, SEAN EDGAR AND GARRETT MARTIN    |    July 25, 2012

Birdseye Bristoe
by Dan Zettwoch
Drawn + Quarterly, 2012
Rating: 8.4
...The clear comparison for Dan Zettwoch’s graphic novel Birdseye Bristoe is Kevin Huizenga’s Gloriana. Both artists have a near fetish for diagrams, a strange gift for constructing a narrative around information-focused material, and an original mind. Zettwoch’s book is rendered in a very limited color palette of (red, white, and black on tan) that bleeds into the story, shaping it as well as rendering it, and, like Huizenga’s, it’s worth spending some time on. Ostensibly the loose tale of a summer with an odd-bird uncle, it seems to have some bigger things to say—about connection with humanity, about the homogenization of American culture, about technological hubris—but it comes at them obliquely rather than obviously, and it gives you a lot of tips about what to do with empty soda bottles along the way. It also doesn’t wallow in nostalgia, and its appreciation of singularity comes from a genuine place off the interstate, not a well-paved attempt at being different. (HB)...

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