Aya, We Are On Our Own and Abandon the Old in Tokyo picked for Booklist’s top 10 Graphic Novels

Top 10 Graphic Novels

Booklist    |    Ray Olson    |    March 15, 2007

Abouet, Marguerite and Oubrerie, Clement

Oubrerie suffuses Abouet's gently nuanced story with the ambient sunlight of the late-1970s Ivory Coast, where smart young Aya begins to find her way despite less-forward-thinking friends and family.

Katin, Miriam
We Are on Our Own

Animator Katin brings high artistic skills to a first graphic novel recounting her and her mother's escape from Nazi-occupied Budapest and her mother's search for her husband after the war.

Tatsumi, Yoshihiro
Abandon the Old in Tokyo
Tr. by Yuji Oniki. Ed. by Adrian Tomine

Comics-for-adults pioneer Tatsumi's powerful stories characteristically feature weary, emasculated working-class men, often paired with resentful women and typifying those who remain defeated even during the Japanese economic miracle of the 1970s.

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