AV Club lists Tomorrow under 2019 most anticipated

The most anticipated comics of 2019

The A.V. Club    |    Oliver Sava    |    January 10, 2019

Eleanor Davis is an essential voice in contemporary comics, constantly experimenting with form to tell stories that surprise, stimulate, and push the medium forward. After delivering an astounding manifesto on art and creation in last year’s Why Art?, Davis is taking a more grounded approach for her graphic novel, Tomorrow, which is currently being serialized on Gumroad. Exploring our current political moment through the experience of a caregiver and activist, Tomorrow takes advantage of Davis’ skill for creating multidimensional, endearing characters striving to make changes in their lives and the world around them. The chapters already released highlight how well she establishes intimacy, and the complexity and warmth of these relationships draws readers deeper into the story. Her impeccable control of facial expressions and body language enriches the interiority of her characters, adding extra layers to the dialogue-driven story through how these figures carry themselves around different people.

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