The A.V. Club discusses NANCY VOLUME ONE

Comics Panel

The A.V. Club    |    Zack Handlen, Noel Murray, Leonard Pierce, And Tasha Robinson    |    October 23, 2009

"The Seth-designed “John Stanley Library” series continues with Nancy (Drawn & Quarterly), which collects five Stanley-penned issues of Dell’s comic-book version of Ernie Bushmiller’s classic newspaper strip. The stories here are very good—classic kid-comic adventures that usually start with Nancy trying to accomplish something simple that eventually spins out into accidental mischief and outright absurdity—and the book itself looks fantastic. But as with the Melvin Monster volume of the JSL, the effort to frame the Nancy volume as an artifact out of time gives the shaft to those interested in the story behind the stories. Why these five issues? Why only five issues? Why not reprint the covers? How do these comics fit in with the rest of the Dell line, or with the rest of Stanley’s work? It may seem ungrateful to gripe about such a delightfully packaged collection of hard-to-find comics, but the lack of contextual material in these John Stanley Library volumes is starting to become more outright annoyance than eccentric affectation… B+"

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