AV Club calls New York Drawings “a treat to look at”

Presidential graphic novels abound with Barack Hussein Obama and The Hypo

The A.V. Club    |    Noel Murray    |    October 15, 2012

For much of the past decade, Adrian Tomine has filled the gaps between issues of Optic Nerve by contributing cover art and illustrations to The New Yorker (among other magazines). New York Drawings (D&Q) collects those commercial assignments, adding sketches and a few stray comics, with some brief commentary at the end of the book. They’re all a treat to look at—even the ones drawn to accompany reviews of sometimes long-forgotten movies and TV shows—but the best pieces here capture the quirks of life in New York in the 21st century, where new technology is transforming the way people relate to each other and to the city. Like most of the cartoonists that The New Yorker has been inviting to contribute covers and drawings in recent years, Tomine knows how to tell an entire story with a single image; but Tomine also has a wit all his own, and an eye for the small gestures and moments that others might miss…

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