Autostraddle Suggests Syllabus as Christmas Gift

Drawn to Comics: Gifts to Impress Your Queer Comics Crush

Autostraddle    |    Mey    |    December 6, 2016

I’m a cool chick. I’m fashionable, I’m a trend setter, I’m confident. But for some freaking reason I keep on getting crushes on nerds. Why does this keep happening to me??? I don’t know, friends, but what I do know is that it does keep happening and that I’m finally starting to accept it. In light of this acceptance that I’m attracted to nerds, and in the understanding that there are probably lots of you who are attracted to nerds too, I decided that I’d finally try to do something about it and put together some suggestions for gifts you can get for that special nerdy crush in your life. These gifts also work well for the nerdy partner you’ve already got! One final note: don’t use this guide as, like, a creepy way to trick someone into liking you. This is supposed to be used to find gifts that the person you like will like. (...) The first step is to show her that you understand what kind of comics she’s into. Here are some comics that I think will get that job done.(...)

[Maybe] your crush isn’t into monthlies. (...) More off-the-beaten-path choice would be Syllabus, a non-comic book by comic legend Lynda Barry.

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