Anna & Froga in the A.V. Club

Comics Panel

The A.V. Club    |    Noel Murray    |    July 23, 2012

Anouk Ricard’s Anna & Froga: Wanna Gumball? (D&Q) belongs to the class of recent children’s comics that look and feel like they could’ve been created by kids—albeit clever, precociously talented kids. Anna & Froga is one of the best of the bunch: a genuinely funny, unshakably adorable set of stories about a creative little girl and her mischievous animal pals, as they paint, sing, and play pranks. Ricard punctuates the comics portions of the book with full-page illustrations that look like they were copied directly from an old picture book, adding to the overall feel of inspired, imaginative play. It’s hard to explain exactly what Anna & Froga is; the best comparison might be the anarchic Belgian animated puppetoon A Town Called Panic, crossed with a yellowed hardback that’s been sitting on some cool grandma’s shelf since the ’50s…

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