Anna and Froga: Wanna Gumball? in the San Francisco Book Review

Anna and Froga: Wanna Gumball?"

San Francisco Book Review    |    Margo Orlando Littell    |    June 24, 2012

In this series of comic-book-style vignettes, a little girl named Anna and her sidekick, a frog named Froga, encounter all manner of wacky situations where things are rarely what they seem. In “The Gumball,” Froga gives Anna a gumball he finds on the ground, but the pair soon realize with horror that Anna might have swallowed a worm—or at least a worm’s dirty sock. In “The Present,” Bubu the dog gives Froga what seems to be a beautiful painting for her birthday—only to have the truth of the painting’s “genius” revealed. Silly songs and good-natured insults abound.

With an army of animal friends including Christopher the worm, Ron the cat, and Bubu the dog, Anna and Froga move through their world buffered by friendship and unbothered by the white lies, confusion, and awkwardness that are part of any young group of companions. The short tales are amusing though somewhat lacking in substance. Coupled with childlike illustrations, the whole volume may leave readers wishing for a bit more sophistication on either a narrative or visual level.

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