The Advent Book Blog loves THE SELVES

The Selves by Sonja Ahlers.

The Advent Book Blog    |    Sean Cranbury    |    December 1, 2010

The Recommend:

Elegant, inspired, poetic and innovative, The Selves is the best book published by a Canadian press in 2010.

A very personal book of poetry that bears its influences proudly. Drawing from zine-culture, celebrity culture, rock n roll and dime store spinner rack paperbacks, Ahlers takes her already excellent collage work to new levels of maturity and vision.

She mixes and remixes words and images from across media invoking repeated themes and rhyming visuals torn from original contexts in the pop culture universe of magazines, daytime tv, old vinyl records, trashy teen novels and other disparate scraps of seeming ephemera then combines them with hand drawings, hand written poetry and a deep sense of mystery and playfulness.

Great gift for anyone interested in personal journeys, creativity, poetry and collage.

A work of immense talent and vision. Destined to be a classic.

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