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Here    |    Bernard C. Cormier    |    March 15, 2007

Next up is Abandon The Old In Tokyo, the second in a series of reprint books representing stories by Japanese writer/illustrator Yoshihiro Tatsumi. The focus of this volume is on material from 1970. It was edited, designed, and lettered by Adrian Tomine. Yuji Oniki was the translator.

As bonus material, the book includes an introduction by Koji Suzuki, the author of the Ring trilogy. It also has an interview with Tatsumi.

The plots/bottom line:

The book contains eight stories. All of them have a hook to them that results in either a disturbing or sad ending... but that depends on point of view.

One of the most memorable sequences is in the story titled Unpaid. In it, a man goes to the "Pet Appreciation Club." Once there, it's obvious (if the reader's imagination is used) that he has sex with a dog that looks like Lassie! The stories do have built-in messages and commentary about society. The best attempt within the book is a story about cosmetic surgery titled The Hole.

Abandon The Old In Tokyo contains nudity and extreme violence.

Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly Rating: 3/3

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