Broken Frontier's Staff Picks Features Familiar Face!

“Staff Picks for March 4, 2020 – Familiar Face, 100%, Billionaire Island, Gamayun Tales and More!” / Broken Frontier / Tom Murphy / March 3, 2020

Comic of the Week

Familiar Face

A new book by Michael DeForge is always a cause for celebration, and Familiar Face looks like a very timely and pertinent examination of how a future under surveillance capitalism might not be the utopian tomorrow they promised us yesterday.

The book’s protagonist is a government employee who deals with citizens’ complaints about a world that keeps shifting around them and over which they have no volition: people fail to recognise themselves in old photos; they wake up in radically altered apartments; their commuter routes vary dramatically from day to day.

For all the tattoo-friendly instant appeal of DeForge’s inventive style, he has shown time and again his ability to hit the reader with insight and emotional wallop, even in the most seemingly outlandish of contexts. As technology companies plunge their roots deeper into our institutions and lives, Familiar Face examines how we define our sense of self and how we might cope when so much of our everyday life seems to be out of our control.

– Tom Murphy

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