March 17, 2003

They Call it Fumetti: Igort

Fumetti: That’s what Italian’s affecionately call their comic books, derived from “little clouds of sm...
February 27, 2006

Tomine in Hometown Paper

Adrian Tomine views young adult angst through the prism of comic-book noir. Adrian Tomine used to be young. He still is...
June 17, 2002

PW: D&Q Profile

For more than a decade Montreal-based D&Q has been publishing highly literate comics and graphic novels that tackle ...
March 17, 2003

Time.comix Best of 2000

Time. comix, Friday, Dec. 08, 2000With four different top-tier, trade-published books, the year 2000 has been the best ...
November 21, 2002

Salon Reviews Summer Blonde

Daniel Clowes (“Ghost World”) and Adrian Tomine create graphic novels and comics as smart, deep and complex ...

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