Vermont Public Radio: James Sturm and Jason Lutes

Vermont Public Radio    |    Jane Lindholm, Mary Engisch    |    March 19, 2019

A special Vermont Edition collects interviews with cartoonists and graphic novel creators, showcasing local work in the unique art form that presents novel-length stories in a comic strip format. It’s a combination of words and images that doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects: these Vermont cartoonists tackle mental health, crumbling marriages, world wars and the current political climate.

Included in the show are:

  • Vermont cartoonist Rachel Lindsay shares her story of living with bipolar disorder in the graphic novel RX.
  • Professor and cartoonist Jason Lutes discusses the 22-year, 500-page historical fiction project Berlin.
  • Cartoonist Alison Bechdel walks Jane Lindholm through an exhibition of her work at UVM’s Fleming Museum.
  • Center For Cartoon Studies co-founder James Sturm talks about his graphic novel Off Season, about an unraveling marriage set against the politics of the 2016 presidential election.

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