Lisa Hanawalt Talks to Julie Klausner

How Was Your Week    |    November 16, 2012

Gobble Gobble! Go away, turkey! It’s not your time yet. This week’s episode of How Was Your Week is jim jam-pick packed! TIM HEIDECKER is here to talk about his role in the new film The Comedy, and the time he went to a taping of Russell Brand’s BRAND X television show and almost got kicked out by Brand himself. Then, LISA HANAWALT and EMILY HELLER, the hosts of the podcast Baby Geniuses, are here to tell Julie about Lisa’s affinity for birds, the time a roommate froze a possum in Emily’s freezer, and why MRS. DOUBTFIRE stands up to repeat viewings. Plus: some choice sentences from Stephen King’s THE SHINING! How the Petraeus thing is like HOMELAND, but skeevier! A new section of the show called Kompliment Korner, and how Anne Hathaway’s giant pretty face fits into it! And some pressing questions about Henry Rollins. A fantastic show not worthy for the stupid drunk loud idiots in my courtyard who woke me up the other night.


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