Kevin Huizenga on Comics Syllabus Podcast

Comics Syllabus    |    Johnny Hall    |    October 8, 2019

This week’s Comics Syllabus podcast features a discussion of Kevin Huizenga’s “The River at Night” (Drawn + Quarterly) ( 35:20 ) with good friend of the podcast Johnny Hall. Johnny and Comics Syllabus host Paul met up at Cartoon Crossroads (CXC) Columbus, had a chance to meet Mr. Huizenga, and talk about this collection of Huizenga’s wonderful “Ganges” series of comics, originally published in issue form by Fantagraphics but now collected by D+Q!

But first, Johnny and Paul discuss the CXC show in Columbus, Ohio, and their experiences, including mentioning creators and comics they encountered there, such as Jaime Hernandez, Natasha Alterici, Nate Powell, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Frank Santoro, Kevin Huizenga, Melanie Gillman, Carta Monir, Mike Mignola, Jeff Smith, and more. It’s a really special convention, and Paul and Johnny discuss why.


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