We look back at our recent trip to San Francisco…


Are you friends with Deb Aoki? Then you miss out because when you do Deb a favor she returns in kind, in box of organic donut kind!

And the last APE copy of Hark! A Vagrant is sold!

Back into the “Chat Barn” with Kate for her spotlight talk.

The eager crowd.

This is Seth’s number one fan. I am not kidding. This dude was obsessed. His friend who came with him said, “yeah, he talks about Seth a bit too much.”

How nice are Adrian and Kate? They both showed up at the end of the day for secret surprise signings. By this time, they’d each done around 5 hours of solid signing apiece and 2-3 hours on panels but they still drew little pictures and chatted and signed away.

And then we went to dinner and ate pickled okra and blood sausage and I got cab home and the cabbie totally altered the tip so I need to go call my credit card company. See you next year, APEs!



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