Hark! A Vagrant

Today is the Day! All Hail Kate Beaton! Hark A Vagrant In Stores!


Hip Hip Hooray! Hark! A Vagrant Is In Stores Today!


Hip Hip Hooray! Hark! A Vagrant Is In Stores Today!

Kate Beaton kicks off her tour tonight in NYC at Housing Works on Crosby St with Desert Island bringing the goods. Housing Works crated one of the best displays ever for Hark! A Vagrant blowing up the comics and putting them next to the classic literature Kate hilariously skewers.


How awesome is Kate? Awesome enough to make a little video for her fans thanking them for their support.

And the press is starting to roll in! In case you live under a rock and have no idea what Hark! A Vagrant is, check out Time.com‘s excerpt from the book.

Glen Weldon breaks down Kate’s drawing style at NPR.

And Kate took a moment to sit down with Laura Miller of Salon and answers a few questions.

There’s going to be much people, it’s just the first day! If you bought the book already and still need your Kate fix, there’s always her website where her latest update tackles Wuthering Heights.




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