Sure, why not read an eight page article on Jimmy Cagney?


Boy, Google alerts are great. You find the craziest stuff. Here’s an article on the great actor Jimmy Cagney living on Martha’s Vineyard and his life there. How does this relate to comics. Only in the smallest way. He was friends with the great cartoonist Denys Wortman. The met in NYC at the famous Players club and when Jimmy talked about needing to get away from the hustle and bustle of celebrity life, Denys recommended that her try out his place on Martha’s Vineyard to see how he liked it. And it went from there. Here’s Denys son recalling those days:
“There was no phone and no electricity,” Denny recalls, “but Jimmy fell in love with our house on Middle Road. He loved rural life and horses, so the Vineyard was perfect.” Finding an available property nearby, Jimmy purchased it in 1936.

The full article is here. Like I said, there’s very little real comics content. Just some interesting details of a small part of Denys’ non-cartooning life.



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