Sleepwalk and Other Stories by Adrian Tomine

Sleepwalk–Back in Print!


There’s nothing I enjoy more than frantically riffling through everyone’s desks in search of the elusive exacto knife, carefully slicing through the tape, and prying out the deliciously scented contents. New books smell the best (don’t buy the new-book scented candle though–it’s a real bummer).


And here it is with the fourth printing. Note Adrian’s striking new cover design. Here’s a peek at the interior, for those that don’t already have the book dog-eared on their night stands.

And what timing. This beautiful new edition of Sleepwalk–which collects the first four issues of ON–hits stores in the same month (September) as Optic Nerve 12, Adrian’s latest installment in the series. You can see Adrian LIVE in Brooklyn on September 22 at 7pm at Dessert Island (no, really the signing is here: Desert Island). Save the date.



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