So dynamic! So engaging! How did we manage to activate that space so much?

Show Paper! These awesome kids in New York make these free all-ages show listings and the front always features cool artists. How rad is that?

Our friend Patrick from RCAAQ stands in front of D+Q store-staffer Julien’s hand-drawn t-shirts.

Oh, HELLO THERE, Patrick!

We head out to dinner after an exhausting but fun book shilling week. Alison is skeptical. COME ON, MAN! It was fun!

Our Canadian friends Ryan and Harley from Anteism. We Canadians must stick together when visiting our confident and intimidating friends to the South.

At least someone is having a good time! Hiro Kurata and Randy Chang listen to Alison’s take on an NYC sushi restaurant where all of the waiters dress like ninjas, have fake ninja fights, and secretly cut your food with ninja swords when you aren’t looking. I think it’s called “Shogun.”

Finally, our “Pièce de résistance:”

OLD TOM DEVLIN! Look at how much fun you are going to have in the future, regular Tom Devlin.



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