Moomin Every Day


Adorable, amirite?


Adorable, amirite?

I’ll confess, I haven’t actually read the book yet, though typesetting has begun. (I know, typesetting text without having previously read it? Bringhurst will strike me down!) Moomin Every Day—a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Moomin comic Strip—is coming at you this winter, and as I sort through the images, the interns keep giving me strange looks because I’m giggling uncontrollably (which, sadly, is nothing out of the ordinary). Though the book is mostly text, there are plenty precious Moomin-posse images to keep us visually inclined people appeased. While some of the images are previously published strips, others include scratch drawings and photographs never before published in an English-language book. Here are some of my favs:



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