Mark your calendars, Mizuki fans: Kitaro is (almost) here!


What’s that you see on this fine 3rd of July? NBD, just an unbound copy of the new North American face of Shigeru Mizuki’s beloved GeGeGe no Kitaro series, the one and only Kitaro.

Finally, this blog post, the existence of an unbound copy of Kitaro and the official publication details for the book, happen to mark the end of our two-month reduxed time with Awesome Former Intern Malcolm Macrae-Gibson. Malcolm was a huge help in getting Kitaro ready for print; he edited, proofread, fixed sound effects, designed endpapers, and was generally The Best.  I suspect Mizuki fans across North America have Malcolm to thank for the fact that they’ll be able to get their paws on this bad boy this time next month. I guess what I’m saying is, somebody buy this man a drink! (And also, thank you, Malcolm, for two more months of sporadic, wryly funny remarks and tons of help! And for picking us over French class!)


Kitaro will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con later this month (July 18 to 21), where a limited quantity will be available from us at booth 1629. The rest will be available to the world as of August 6th, 2013. We apologize once more for the long delay, and all I can say is that I think it’s well worth the wait!



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