Leanne Shapton’s Toys Talking


Leanne Shapton has a special talent for turning a seemingly simple image or idea into something profound, thought provoking, beautiful, funny. And with each book, she takes this approach in a wildly different direction. We call this Leanne Magic here in the office. There’s a sparkly sound effect that accompanies it. 

This time, with Toy Talking, Leanne brings to life the steady in most kids lives—stuffies—with beautiful, loose brush strokes. But these are not regular toys. They’re all quite, er, particular. 

The expression on this dreary duck’s face breaks my heart. They’re so apprehensive! Let loose, my fine feathered friend! Life is a beautiful adventure and you really ought to start living each precious day!

Me too, champ. Life is complicated! 

Toys Talking is in stores today, and makes the perfect gift for your expecting friend, your favourite tot, or your parent pal who seems like they could really use a gd break from that adorable little one who just can’t seem to let them sleep through the night. And for those in the Big Apple, Leanne will be launching the book at Books are Magic in Brooklyn this Sunday, November 12 at 1pm! I hear she has something very cute planned!



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