Guy Delisle’s Lazy Parenting


Parenting is so complicated these days, and there never seems to be a right way to parent. But if there’s anything to learn from The Handbook to Lazy Parenting, the last book in the “Bad Dad” series, it’s that there are CERTAINLY wrong ways to parent.

Right from the start, with the cover itself, you see Guy slacking while his kids do all the heavy lifting. There isn’t a single page in the book that isn’t filled with a joke!

Guy tends to portray himself at times as self-centered or egotistical, and many of the stories capture his kids either taking advantage of these aspects of his personality, or him being oblivious of them to other adults. And through it all, even while you’re cringing at Guy being so self-aware and clueless at the same time about his “bad” parenting, you can’t help but simultaneously laugh and feel bad for him.

Yet, it all comes off as endearing because his character is consistently relatable. You’ll find yourself constantly empathizing with his children, as well as imagining your parents in Guy’s position. Because at the core of all his “bad parenting” is a sentiment that we take for granted about our parents: they will always love us and want the best for us. This is abundantly clear in the series’ emotional and bittersweet ending, where Guy finds himself growing out of his role as a father. 

Perhaps the funniest in the series, I highly recommend you grab a copy! The Handbook to Lazy Parenting is now in stores, so share it with your parents to make them smile, or share it with your friends who just had a kid to inspire them.



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