Guy Delisle’s Angoulême Finale


Comics taken from Guy’s blog:

Comics taken from Guy’s blog

Panel 1: [at the hotel] I try to take a nap before the awards ceremony


Panel 2: “I’d like to thank everyone who… and more specifically… without forgetting…”

Panel 3: I needed to rest

Panel 1: RING

That’s gotta be Maud coming to pick me up

Panel 2: “Look, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful shirt for you!”


Panel 3: “That was nice of him, but I don’t know if this is my style…”

“It’s very good..”

“Try it on, you’ll see.”

Panel 4: “Wait, I’m going to show you what I have, and you tell me what you think?”

Panel 1: Sniff Sniff

Panel 2:

Panel 3: “OK fine.”

“Let’s see your shirt…”

Panel 4:

Panel 1: “I’d like to thank…”

Panel 2: “…and more specifically…”

Panel 3: “..without forgetting…”

Panel 4: “So, does it work?”

Panel 1: “Your pants are too big.”

Panel 2: “Well, let’s go… We’ve got to go!”

Panel 3: The theatre

Panel 4: The awards ceremony goes at a brisk pace. The few people who stayed until Sunday plan on taking the last train to Paris after the ceremony.

Panel 1: All the awards are given out without my name being called, only one remains…

Panel 2: I wonder if this is going to end like the other times I’ve been nominated…

Panel 3: No, this time it’s my turn. They give me the fauve d’or! Wow!

Panel 4: Shoot! You can’t see anything with all of the lights.

Panel 1: I’ve got a dry throat and a trembling voice, but I manage to say what’s in my heart.

Panel 2: The ceremony ends, the theatre empties quickly. Everyone who won a prize poses for a photo, I answer a journalist’s questions and they give me a cardboard box to transport my award.

Panel 4: Those who don’t have a train to catch are invited to party at the Delcourt booth.

Panel 2: “You OK? It’s not too heavy?”

Panel 1: “It’s OK.”



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