Guy Delisle’s Angoulême, 5/4


Comics taken from Guy’s blog

Comics taken from Guy’s blog

Panel 1: [Sunday Morning]

“I would like to thank…”

“And in particular…”

“Without forgetting…”

Panel 2: (8:01)

Panel 3: “Shit, I shouldn’t have gone to bed at 4 am for the third night in a row…”

Panel 4: (At breakfast at the hotel)

“In any case, congratulations!” (a journalist)

“…to a Canadian, this is a first!”

Panel 5: “What?”

“What’s this guy talking about? I didn’t get the memo…”

Panel 6: “Well, don’t panic. It’s just a rumour… Nothing’s been confirmed.”

Panel 7: “Don’t get carried away!”

Panel 8: “I’d like to thank…”

“And in particular…”

“…without forgetting…”

Panel 9: (at the Delcourt booth)

I met wit a journalist for the region (who came in last night to come interview me this morning)

“And where’s your next trip going to be?”

“Blah blah blah”

Panel 10: “And, tell us, if you’re awarded the best album prize…how would you feel?”

Panel 11: (later)

“Hey Maud! Do you know what’s going on with the Fauve d’or?”


“No, not at all. Why? Is there a rumor?”

Panel 12: “So, can I take my train this afternoon?”


Panel 13:

Panel 14: “You’re hiding something from me.”

Panel 15: “I know it.”

Panel 16: “Listen, I’m going to come get you at your hotel at 4:30. From there, we’ll go to the awards ceremony and will enter from the wings so that you can sit in a seat right next to the stage.”


Panel 16:

Panel 17: “Uhhh…”

“What? What’s up?”

Paenl 18: “I didn’t bring any nice clothes!”



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