Girl Juice by Benji Nate


Girl Juice by Benji Nate is a D+Q Work in Progress, to be published Spring 2023. Shortlisted for the 2022 Cartoonist Studio Prize, Girl Juice is about four very different twenty-something women navigating life, friendship, and relationships together under one roof. As Nate describes it, “Sex in the City but with a lot more dildos.”

“Cartooning as self-possessed and idiosyncratic as Benji’s only comes around once or twice in a generation,” said acquiring editor and Publisher Peggy Burns. “When Girl Juice debuted online in 2021, I was obsessed, I admit,  in no small part with how Benji draws clothing and shoes. But the absolute magic of Girl Juice is the spectacularly wonderful and messy fabulousness of Tallullah, Bunny, Nana, and Sadie and how Benji perfectly draws their lives with the best laugh out loud funny storylines and classic lines like ‘I’m the Lord’s Hottest Little Slut.'”

Benji Nate is a Puerto Rico-born cartoonist whose works include Lorna, Catboy, and Hell Phone. She is currently hiding out in the Ozarks with her husband, three cats, and dog.

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