Chris Ware’s Multi-Story Building Model


It’s not everyday I get to write a blog post about Chris Ware! And I’m afraid whatever words I manage to come up with here just won’t be eloquent enough to fully describe my admiration for his art. Every time Chris comes out with new work, it never fails that I come across something in it that makes me fall in love with his art all over again, even more deeply than I was before.

This is one of the newbies, Shauna, with a little bit of our other new intern, Vanessa, lingering in the background for good measure.

The model is a limited edition of 1000, each signed and numbered. You can get them at your LCS or from our website. We’ll also have limited supply available at SPX; and there will be some on hand at Chris’s New York City and Chicago exhibits. The official release date for comics shops is October 24, but you can get it here (on THIS website and from Librairie Drawn and Quarterly) starting Monday, September 17th!! Seems safe to say these won’t last long.



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