10.9 x 8
64 Pgs
$22.95 CAD/USD

Delicate, complex drawings tell of a science-fiction world

Intelligent Sentient? feels like an artifact from another time—a lost feature in OMNI magazine or the album booklet for a late-1970s Hawkwind record or perhaps a print version of Koyaanisqatsi. Beautiful, detailed filigreed drawings fold in on themselves and blossom out at the reader as time speeds up and contracts. A loose story is told that involves a society of giant people, strange art, and inexplicable scientific experiments utilizing nonexistent technology. Factories and tree houses teem with life, and the city nestles up against a landscape filled with dinosaurs, apes, and dragonflies living peacefully side by side.

Intelligent Sentient? is a series of images that are tied together not in narrative but in a progressing theme, the takeaway being that everything is connected. The drawings contain the fine detail of a watchmaker and the visual scope of a social reform muralist. This book is meant to be read forward and backward and returned to and treated like a mystical text.

Praise for Intelligent Sentient?

Fine art with a foot in comics, Luke Ramsey’s obsessive drawings resemble the work of Keith Haring, if Haring hadn’t known when to stop adding. Bubble-like figures fill each other’s crevices, everything fitting together like a fancy jigsaw puzzle. Ramsey’s Intelligent Sentient?, out this year from Drawn & Quarterly, highlights the narrative dimension of his drawings by putting them in sequence, allowing readers to create their own plot from the profusion of visual elements. 

Hillary Brown
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