Writing the Unthinkable with Lynda Barry

My dear, dear folks -- SO many of y'all have written in and asked for it, and we are INCREDIBLY HAPPY to finally announce a TWO-DAY class with LYNDA BARRY -- "Writing the Unthinkable" -- in beautiful SAN FRANCISCO! ONLY 50 students admitted! And -hey- it's coming up quick! SAT & SUN, March 22nd and 23rd, 2008 Be very aware that YES, THAT *IS* EASTER WEEKEND, so don't sign up if you have Easter problems! We will come back to SF for another class later this year! So, don't stress if Easter is a conflict for you! Class hours are designed for night owls, sleepy heads, and brunch lovers -- check this out: SAT 10AM -- 4PM SUN 11AM -- 5PM Our class will be held in a very accessible building in The MISSION DISTRICT -- we will tell you exactly where when you sign up for class! TUITION is only $300.00 for this action-packed two-day class in foxy San Francisco! How do you enroll? It's SO EASY! Simply respond to < fromthedeskofmarlys (at) yahoo (dot) com > in the affirmative (YES!) and our secretary (that's me, Betty Bong) will write back with our simple and satisfying, check-or-money-order-straight-to-Lynda tuition payment instructions! So very old school! LOOKING FORWARD to seeing y'all OUT WEST! Thank you! Betty Bong Writing the Unthinkable http://www.myspace.com/writingtheunthinkable PS -- Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles -- we HEAR you! yes we will teach there in 2008 -- stay tuned -- as soon as WE know, Y'ALL will know! Thanks for all the enthusiastic entreaties! xo bb PPS -- Lynda Barry's new book "WHAT IT IS" (an illustrated book all about this very class and work process) comes out in MAY 2008 with Drawn and Quarterly PPPS -- more classes EVERYWHERE in 2008 -- the southwest, the northeast, the southeast, Texas, Canada, and more -- stay tuned!

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