Seth GNBCC Exhibit

Adam Baumgold Gallery presents an exhibition by Seth of work from his new book THE GREAT NORTHERN BROTHERHOOD OF CANADIAN CARTOONISTS that will premiere at the gallery. The exhibition will include the complete set of 100 drawings, paintings on paper, as well as related artifacts and ephemera. In THE GREAT NORTHERN BROTHERHOOD OF CANADIAN CARTOONISTS, Seth offers a rich and varied study of Canadian cartoonists, both real and fictional. This group of drawings celebrates nearly every kind of cartoon – newspaper strips, nickel-backs, gags, comic books, political satire, accordion books, and graphic novels – but is bound together by his own carefully-crafted style. Seth uses bold black lines and gray ink washes, occasionally with watercolor, to create his dramatically lit scenes. As the title suggests, the series has a distinctly Canadian flavor; mounted police, igloos, dog-sleds, pine trees, bears, and British soldiers all make appearances.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
New York

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