Writing the Unthinkable

ANNOUNCING the next LYNDA BARRY workshop "WRITING the UNTHINKABLE" in CHICAGO. This class has only 50 seats and there are only *8* left! It is HAPPENING over LABOR DAY WEEKEND, Saturday and Sunday, September 1st and 2nd, 2007 -- that's the most foxy time of the year! Come on! Do you wish you could WRITE? Do you wish you had a better MEMORY? Do you want to make STORIES but are too confused about how to even start? DO YOU WANT A SEAT IN THE TWO-DAY WRITING CLASS TAUGHT BY LYNDA BARRY? The schedule was specifically designed for night owls and sleepy heads -- check out the late start hours! NOON to 6pm! THIS IS AN INTENSIVE WRITING CLASS -- it's not a social situation at all! Actually, you can be completely anonymous in this class! You don't have to be cool! Your clothes can be square! You don't have to read aloud or talk to anyone if you don't want to! You don't even have to make eye contact! And you don't have to be a writer to be part of it! In fact, this is a class that works especially well for 'non-writers' like bartenders, janitors, office workers, hairdressers and anyone who has given up on 'being a writer' but still wonders what it might be like to write. Open to ALL PEOPLE! Lynda teaches a specific way of working she learned from her teacher, Marilyn Frasca, in the late 1970's and has used ever since. She says it will work for anyone who has any kind of curiosity about writing or remembering -- especially people who have always wanted to write but have no idea how to even begin. BE ADVISED! IT'S GOING TO BE TWO DAYS OF INTENSE CONCENTRATION AND HARD WORK! It is not jive! It is for real! (It is also pretty fun too, but not necessarily in a social way.) Can you dig that? If so, we can dig YOU! All you'll need is about 100 sheets of notebook paper, a three-ring binder (no other kind of paper set-up will work for this class) and a couple of your favorite pens. All students must figure out their own transportation and lodging. We'll tell you where the classroom is located and all other details when we confirm your reservation! TUITION is $200.00! To enroll, simply contact me, your secretary BETTY BONG, at [email protected] -- and I will give you the very easy direct-to-Lynda check/money order payment instructions. This thwarts "The Man" and his fees and keeps it real! Yeah! Thwart The Man! Keep It Real! Or if you need to enroll with a credit card via Paypal, that is cool too! Go to our eBay store. BUT PLEASE NOTE: if you enroll via eBay WE MUST HAVE YOUR CURRENT ACTIVE E-MAIL ADDRESS!! We will need to contact you with class information, etc. This is very IMPORTANT. Otherwise it will be so very sad! Don't be sad! Come to Chicago! Come to Lynda's writing class! Class monitor Kelly Hogan describes the class as a way to "Blow your mind with..... your own mind!" GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! Yes you can. YOU CAN! Do! Please come! Hey, what a great Labor Day gift idea! THANK YOU! Sincerely, Betty Bong Secretary, Writing the Unthinkable PS -- Big shout-out to all of our Madison, Wisconsin students from our last session! It was GREAT +++ http://www.marlysmagazine.com/

Saturday, September 1, 2007

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