Autoptic Digital 2021
The Autoptic Foundation is thrilled to announce the Autoptic 2021 Digital Festival! Starting on Monday, August 23rd, and in partnership with Gutter Boys and Thick Lines, Autoptic will be releasing a great series of recorded conversations and readings with a roster of fantastic artists, cartoonists, and educators. Three Drawn & Quarterly authors are featured including Pascal Girard (Rebecca & Lucie in The Case of the Missing Neighbor) who will speak on 8/23, Weng Pixin (Let's Not Talk Anymore) speaking on 8/25, and Keiler Roberts (My Begging Chart) speaking on 8/27. Check out the full schedule here:   Monday, August 23rd - Jaime Hernandez - Blue Delliquanti - Pascal Girard   Wednesday, August 25th - Weng Pixin - Trung Le Nguyen - Joshua W. Cotter   Friday, August 27th - Keiler Roberts - Leomi Sadler - Shira Spector   Head over to the Autoptic 2021 Digital Festival Page page to get bios and links for each artist! They'll be releasing all of the Autoptic 2021 Digital Festival content in both audio and video formats via their podcast feed and YouTube channel respectively.  
Monday, August 23, 2021
Autoptic Foundation
Virtual Event

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