Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Book 5

The annual comics anthology of emerging cartoonists

Drawn & Quarterly Showcase is a new-talent anthology and the only annual collection to have the focused visual acumen of the D+Q editor in chief, Chris Oliveros, who scours the globe for three cartoonists to spotlight and introduce to North American readers. More often than not, it is the first time the cartoonists have had the chance to work in full color with twenty-five pages, and on such a wide-reaching visual platform. The series is hailed for its consistent quality and for the superior editorial vision of its short stories, volume after volume.

Book Five features Anneli Furmark (Sweden), Amanda Vähämäki (Finland), and T. Edward Bak (United States), with cover art by Vähämäki. Previous Showcases have featured Kevin Huizenga, Jeffrey Brown,Geneviève Castrée, Gabrielle Bell, and Nicolas Robel.


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“At a time when there's a very healthy field of good anthologies being published, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase continues to stand out, here in its fourth volume presenting three stories that are each something special and deeply enjoyable . . . This here is another strong Showcase, spotlighting some truly notable creative talent.” —Nashville City Paper on Book Four

“Together these three short stories manage to flesh out another issue of a collection that, if not the best of its kind, may perhaps be the sturdiest currently being published.” —The Comics Journal on Book Four


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