Rebecca and Lucie in the Case of the Missing Neighbor

A maternity leave murder mystery, complete with postpartum physiotherapy and suspicious grocery store footage

Rebecca’s got an eight-month-old baby and a mystery to investigate! Late one summer night as she’s breastfeeding Lucie, she spots two men carrying something heavy into a white minivan. It’s probably nothing serious, but when Rebecca hears that a home health care provider named Eduardo Morales disappeared from the neighbourhood that very night, she puts her detective hat on and gets to work.

Over the course of the subsequent weeks, Rebecca juggles motherhood and detective work—alternating between unproductive visits with the Simard family, for whom the missing Eduardo worked, and tearful visits to potential daycares for Lucie. She faces down inconclusive interviews with evasive subjects and inconveniently timed diaper changes. Pascal Girard’s observational humor and perfect timing shine through each page, highlighting how Rebecca’s (over)confident, brash approach gets results, not just with the troublesome Simards but with everyone in her life.

Rebecca and Lucie in the Case of the Missing Neighbor is a lighthearted maternity leave mystery that centers a new mother in all her postpartum glory.

Translated by Aleshia Jensen.


"I found myself charmed... Pascal Girard’s little book works because it carefully treads the wobbly line between children’s and adult fiction. If it’s a bit silly – woman on maternity leave decides to solve murder case – it also has smart things to say about the conflicts involved in new motherhood, when fierce love and deathly boredom can often be found wrestling each other to the ground."—Rachel Cooke, The Guardian

"The foray succeeds as both a mystery and a chronicle of day-to-day parenthood. Readers won’t be disappointed if this evolves into a series of offbeat mother-daughter mysteries."—Publishers Weekly

"Even as [Rebecca's] amateur detective work starts to spiral out of control, it also helps her build confidence, maybe even fierceness. The combination is comical with a bittersweet touch, and Girard’s quavery line quality and pleasantly schlubby figures give his watercolor artwork warm charm."—Booklist

A breezy romp... featuring attractive, accessible cartooning."—Brian Nicholson, The Comics Journal

"Girard saturates his borderless six-panels-to-a-page with riotously vibrant color—as if his admiration for Rebecca's clever energy can't be fully contained... This is undoubtedly one family affair worth thoroughly enjoying."—Shelf Awareness

"Progress on the case takes regular breaks for familiar parental occasions, pool parties, doctor visits and even bus rides where the child decides to help herself to the headphones worn by another passenger. It’s the kind of micro-trauma that parents experience every day. Crime-solving seems so simple when it’s placed up against parenthood."—Newcity

"A light-hearted look at post-partum life."—CBC Books

"Pascal Girard is a name you can expect to hear more of in future. I loved two of the Quebec comic creator’s previous books, Petty Theft and Nicolas, and I am happy to see his talents grow with his latest release."
London Free Press

"Graphic novels featuring mothers as the main protagonists are few, and Pascal Girard’s latest graphic novel in translation is a great one. Rebecca and Lucie in the Case of the Missing Neighbor is a poignant, uplifting, at times hilarious, and feminist Montreal mystery."—Montreal Review of Books

I found myself charmed.

Rachel Cooke, The Guardian



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