Puke Force

"Chippendale's . . . obsessively detailed [comics] feel like [they've] been shot straight from his brain onto the page." -Village Voice

Puke Force is social satire written dark and dense across Brian Chippendale's deconstructed multiverse of walking, talking M&Ms, hamsters, and cycloptic-yet-glamorous trivia hosts. In scathingly funny single-page strips that build and build, he takes on social media narcissism, governmental propaganda, racism, and a culture of violence, skewering the malice of the right and the hypocrisies of the left.
A bomb explodes in a coffee shop: the incident is played out over and over again from the perspective of each table in the shop, revisiting moments from ten and twenty years before. We see the inevitable as the characters bicker or celebrate, unaware of what's coming. Throughout this dystopic graphic novel, Chippendale uses humor and a frantic drawing style to show how the insidious nature of corporate greed and the commodification of everything have warped society into a killing machine.
Sardonic and self-aware, Puke Force asks all the right questions, providing a startling and on-point take on contemporary social issues. Chippendale's artwork makes each panel a masterpiece of thrumming linework and lo-fi magic, as his storytelling wends and winds its way to a fascinating conclusion.


"... the first masterpiece of 2016."—Tim O’Neil, The A.V Club

"If there’s a single adjective that unites Brian Chippendale’s work as drummer and vocalist for seminal noise-rock band Lightning Bolt and his work as the creator of avant-garde comics, it’s this one: raw. Everything he does has an immediacy and a grittiness that cuts past your defenses and makes you feel anger, sympathy, fear, or joy."—Abraham Reisman, New York Magazine

"Brian Chippendale’s laugh-out-loud, labyrinthinePuke Force is less a story than it is a city – a thriving, pulsing, post-apocalyptic shopping plaza in which the artist’s odd little people live their lives."—Sean Rogers, The Globe and Mail

"Chippendale’s love of language and puns is infectious and he’s one of the few contemporary cartoonists whose artistic originality is matched by the originality of his writing."—Anya Davidson, The Comics Journal

"Puke Forcefurthers Chippendale's life-long mission to make art that's at once accessible and experimental, and he's succeeded yet again." -Exclaim!


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