Optic Nerve 2

Adrian Tomine offers four stories in this second issue: a lonely woman tries to find the man leaving cryptic messages for her in the Personals section of the newspaper in “The Connecting Thread” (4 pages); in “Summer Job” (15 pages); a teenager reluctantly applies for a job at a photocopy shop and then proceeds to waste the following two months; “Pink Frosting” (2 pages) provides a vivid and unsettling glimpse at the suggestion of violence murmuring beneath the surface during a traffic altercation; in “Layover” (4 pages), a missed flight forces a man to ponder his strained relationships with his lover and friends as he discreetly walks through his neighborhood waiting, afraid to announce to anyone that he has not left yet.

First printing: November 1995; second printing: February 1997; third printing: October 2001.




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