Nancy: Volume 2

Designed by Seth, more children's comic fun from the writer of Little Lulu

The second volume of Nancy in D+Q's John Stanley Library, elegantly designed by Seth, stars the beloved Brillo-headed Nancy in her own comic book series written by the greatest children's comics writer of all time, John Stanley. Stanley, the author of Melvin Monster, Little Lulu, and Thirteen Going on Eighteen, puts his own deft sense of humor and superior cartooning on the Ernie Bushmiller creation with spooky Oona Goosepimple, Spike, and Mr.McOnion. Nancy, along with her sidekick, Sluggo, will charm readers young and old with her hilarious, scheming hijinks.


“Thank goodness that [Stanley's] iconic work has been reprinted for this generation by Drawn & Quarterly. Oh, and the fact that the whole tome's laid out by comic genius Seth does the publication no harm, either.” —Anthem

“Drawn and Quarterly certainly paid attention to the book-asthree-dimensional-piece-of-art aspect. It's designed by John Stanley fan Seth . . . It's really just a gorgeous-looking book.” —Newsarama

“A bona-fide hoot. ” —Comic Book Resources on The John Stanley Library


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