Little Lulu: The Fuzzythingus Poopi

For the collectors, one of the best comic books of all time!

Lulu Moppet is back with even more outlandish adventures and misadventures, as cartoonist John Stanley settles into kooky and entertaining suburban storylines starring Lulu, Tubby, Alvin, and the rest of the gang.

Lulu is a strong, assertive young girl who is both entertaining and empowering to girls and women of all ages—even if she sometimes finds herself in hot water. In Little Lulu: The Fuzzythingus Poopi, she outsmarts criminals, sabotages the boys in a masterful snowball fight, and solves the crime of the missing piggy bank! Over the course of these stories, Stanley excels at visual gags, from Lulu winning the soap box derby by turning her frock into a sail, to a lonely cloud almost getting sucked up by a vacuum.

This is the second installment in Drawn & Quarterly’s landmark reprint series of the classic John Stanley comic strip that was first published by Dell Comics in the 1940s and ’50s. Little Lulu: The Fuzzythingus Poopi will delight longtime fans of the series and new readers alike.


“For decades, Little Lulu’s presence on the comics page meant that millions habitually read the adventures of a young girl who consistently bested—outsmarted, outplayed and outmaneuvered—boys.”—NPR

“John Stanley is one of the funniest and quirkiest creators.”—New York Times

"Lulu, of course, is good-natured, creative, and strong-willed. Her confidence and determination have recently led her to be considered an early feminist icon of comics... The “no girls allowed” sign that adorns the male characters’ clubhouse might look innocuous when it’s plastered onto a cheap wooden shed, but it’s considerably more troubling when we consider that it extends to the schoolyard, the workplace, and yes, even to the White House."—The Rumpus

"It can be quite remarkable reading these 70-year-old comics in 2020 and seeing how directly Lulu tackles sexism, always couched in a child-like girls vs. boys dynamic."—School Library Journal

"The superbly rendered artwork, full of emotion and powerfully clear storytelling, is a testament to the range and scope that comics can achieve as a narrative medium... And to top everything off, these stories are done with a robust sense of humor."—Graphic Novel Resources

“Easily one of the great comics runs of all time.”—Comics Beat

"Just when one thinks she’s going to be predictable, Lulu does something out of the ordinary. Her behaviour, undeniably subversive for her time, is still refreshing."
Broken Frontier


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