From its cover image on, Bagge’s Fire!! presents Zora Neale Hurston’s story in a format worthy of its subject. Vibrant and humorous, this comic book is as an homage—“warts and all”—to a heroine who lived her life as an adventure fueled by intellectual curiosity, and creative desire. Titled after the short-lived but potent magazine journal that Hurston and fellow “Harlem Renaissance” writers produced, Fire!! renders in panel form a collective portrait of the many personalities that Hurston encountered in her life as a student at Barnard, as an anthropologist in the South and in the Caribbean, and as a fiction writer in urban centers like New York City.  Well-researched footnotes accompany this dynamic visual narrative of a woman artist intent on living life on her own terms and on producing scholarship and art with unencumbered passion, and grit. Quick paced but rich, Fire!! is a must read for anyone interested in Hurston in all her complex and controversial glory.


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