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Yoshiharu Tsuge's THE SWAMP: The first of seven volumes of essential manga

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The release of Yoshiharu Tsuge’s The Swamp (the first of seven volumes dedicated to Tsuge’s mature work beginning with his early shorts in Garo and ending with his Comic Baku work) is one of my comics dreams. I’ve chased this work for as long as I’ve been at D+Q. Tsuge’s work was whispered about in comics circles going back decades. Negotiations would start but never come together.

That is until Mitsuhiro Asakawa finally convinced Tsuge and his son to let the work be translated into English. Mitsuhiro is the unsung hero of Japanese comics translation. He’s the guy who has written the most about the Garo era, he’s the go-to guy to connect with these great authors and their families. Most of the collections D+Q have done wouldn’t exist without his help. And obviously, Ryan Holmberg is a key part of this team. His relentless research and deep love of these comics is going to provide English readers with all the information they’ll need for years.

But on to these stories!! This volume is a restless batch of detective yarns, samurai stories, and personal drama. Alternative manga was shifting and while adventure stories had dominated for decades, artists like Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Tsuge were experimenting and trying to find a way to do more personal work. While all these stories show Tsuge’s cleverness and humour, the standout is “The Swamp.” This story points to the future and would influence generations of manga-ka afterward.

The Swamp is available today. It’s my honour to share this work with you.