6.8 x 9
200 Pgs
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The true story of how Hollywood musicals got one person through school, depression, and the challenges of parenthood

Inspired by the visual richness and cinematic structure of the Hollywood Musical, Blame this on the Boogie chronicles the adventures of a Filipino American girl born in the decade of disco who escapes life’s hardships and mundanity through the genre's feel good song and dance numbers. Ayuyang explores how the glowing charm of the silver screen can transform one’s reality, shaping their approach to childhood, relationships, sports, reality TV, and eventually politics, parenthood, and mortality.

Ayuyang’s comics are as vibrant as the movies that she loves. Her deeply personal, moving stories unveil the magic of the world around us—rendering the ordinary extraordinary through a jazzed-up song and dance routine. Ayuyang showcases the way her love of musicals became a form of therapeutic distraction to circumnavigate a childhood of dealing with cultural differences, her struggles with postpartum depression and an adulthood overshadowed by an increasingly frightening and depressing political climate.

Blame This on the Boogie is Ayuyang’s ode to the melody of the world, and how tuning out of life and into the magic of Hollywood can actually help an outsider find their place in it.

Praise for Blame This on the Boogie

Pajama party at Rina's house! Stay up late dancing in front of the TV, maybe miss your mom and dad. Rina twirls you through moments big and small. The pain and bliss of being yourself. These stories make me feel at home.

Vanessa Davis

Rendered entirely with colored pencils, Ayuyang’s art is full of vibrant vitality.

The AV Club

Ayuyang’s visuals are wonderfully musical, lilting across the pages with energy and movement... Readers will be swept off their feet by this irresistible bildungsroman.

Publishers Weekly

With bright, vivacious colors that echo the very films she loves, Ayuyang draws in readers as she struggles to deal with conflicts and worries both personal and universal.

Paste Magazine

Blame This on the Boogie draws us in with effortless grace and weaves a sweetly compelling story of assimilation, ambition, and a 1980s childhood shaped by 'Solid Gold,' Duran Duran videos, and Fred Astaire.

Rina's gift for expressing her love of dance and her love for her family brings something new and refreshing to graphic memoirs that I want more of!

Mimi Pond

Genius... With the liberal use of fiery reds, deep oranges and intense yellows, she brings her graphic memoir to life.

London Free Press

Vibrant, loose drawings in rainbow pencils cascade down pages... Ayuyang’s memoir bursts with energetic charm in celebrating the importance of family and fandoms for surviving childhood—and life—challenges.

Library Journal

A delightful book. Love how Rina takes on childhood, motherhood and of course, the Solid Gold Dancers. Yes, and those colors. Oh, those colors..."

Jaime Hernandez

Exuberant and delightful [Blame This on the Boogie is] brimming with energy and the vibrant shades of her colored pencils. The effect is a warm, inviting immersion into Ayuyang's world, one where quotidian struggles exist, but dance is comfort, and king.

East Bay Express

BLAME THIS ON THE BOOGIE is a freeform immersion via the Great American Songbook into memory, motherhood, Filipino culture, Pittsburgh, and Dancing With the Stars fan-fiction, told with delirious hand-made energy and big-hearted charm.

Daniel Clowes

[Ayuyang's] art is absolutely gorgeous.


Agilely bouncing between raw vulnerability and guffaw-inducing humor, [Blame This on the Boogie is a] raucous tribute to family, multiculti identity, and the saving power of great (but sometimes awful) musicals.

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